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Be Careful with the Words we Use Because Once its Spoken, can Never be Recalled.

  • Thu, 07 Dec 2017 20:12
Be Careful with the Words we Use Because Once its Spoken, can Never be Recalled  

Fortunately, all of us can determine our attitude and how we behave, but ....... We all have the freedom to speak anything but we have to think first before the spoken word came out from our mouth, and against who we need to talk to. Wrong words can hurt others and as a result will going to affect their feelings thereby create hatred among people. And it is not possible for everyone to remember all their words they've spoken before which causing confusion and frustrations to others. During our bad mood, we can sometimes lose control and possibly the wrong words quickly come out of our mouth without thinking first. But that can sometimes have different consequences than we think and will give harm for the relationship, because nobody like to hear disrespectful words from their ears. Every word we used are very important, so it is easy for us to join into a conversation with the right words and great vocabulary. That we can correct it by using the right words in a runaway communication so we can take over the conversation without using aggressive words. A good conversation is when the process are hassle-free and nobody will be attacked deliberately with gripping language or humiliating words. The joyful conversation with laughter will give a pleasant feeling to everyone for a better relationship. Always be careful with the words we use so that we will not continue to embarrass anyone. And when the damage is done by our words, it will be too late for us to recover from it even with a sincere apologize.


I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen Read More Poetry....... #poem #poetry #poems #story #stories #quote #easybranches #janjansen


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