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Do Not Live in a Selfish World of Only Wanting to Receive but Never Willing to Give

  • Wed, 15 Nov 2017 10:11
Do Not Live in a Selfish World of Only Wanting to Receive but Never Willing to Give   

The world has a large surface area and there are more than seven billion people live there, as all thought only of their own would not be so pleasant here. Fortunately there are still some people who think of others and this keep the balance among the inhabitants on this earth under control and this also create opportunities at the same time. The philosophy of life is that what we give receive it back, unfortunately there are many who only want to receive something but never willing to give or contribute their part, because they only care about self-interest. Ok that's a well thought, if it is only one person living on the planet, because then do not have to give or share any useful experience, but with more peoples are there, it will be very useful to do. Not everyone has their capabilities in existence give or share but there are more than people, for sure some of us owns those opportunities. And another part like to give and share, this creating opportunities for others arise that were not there first ,by insufficient knowledge or financial resources. As this happened that people can pass their learned knowledge or finances back to the community, this creating a distribution for more people comes to the end of a time frame. The knowledge and finances may not be passed on by all, but we can give a helping hand, because something that we know can yield some money and then issue to others to generated income for them. This all has a logic operation, knowledge can be converted into work and money, or with finances can pay all the cost for learning by ourselves or hire someone for the job we cannot do. If several are willing to do so creates a large network without us actually know that we are involved in it, because that is our daily life. Egoists will eventually discover that they cannot move forward with only a small circle of friends they have, and with relationships they have built, because it is live and let live. Anyone who is not willing to share or give will get sooner or later their life lesson.


I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen

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